Karsten Juhl Jørgensen

Acting Director 

As of November 2018, Karsten Juhl Jørgensen became the new Acting Director of the Nordic Cochrane Centre. Karsten graduated as a physician from 2003. He has been involved in research at our Centre since 2002 and was appointed as a Young Elite Researcher in 2010. He became a Senior Researcher and Doctor of Medical Science in 2013 and Chief Physician in 2015. 

His research focuses on screening interventions, mainly breast cancer screening, but also other screening interventions such as regular health checks and skin cancer screening. Research methodology and the impact of conflicts of interest in research are other central topics, as are medical ethics and informed choice in health care.

Karsten became an elected Board Member of Cochrane in December 2018. He has been a Board Member and Treasurer for the Danish Society of Medical Philosophy, Ethics, and Methodology since 2010 and serves on the scientific panel of the Preventing Overdiagnosis conference. Karsten represents the Nordic Cochrane Centre in the National Danish Screening Council under the Danish Health Authority and has participated in 6 National Clinical Guidelines as a methods-consultant, also under the Danish Health Authority. 

Karsten has published more than 100 scientific papers, including 6 systematic Cochrane reviews and 11 BMJ papers and has also published in Lancet, JAMA, Annals of Internal Medicine, and top specialty journals such as Radiology and Lancet Oncology. His work has been cited more than 3,000 times and his h-factor is 24 according to Google Scholar. 

Cochrane Nordic Director